Friday, October 2, 2009

What makes me so happy in life

Iwould have to say " What makes me so happy in life" is all my beautiful nieces and my little brother and the kids that I used to live with, (ya ya and my wonderful amazing family) but being able to watch them grow and to be able to teach them things, and to be able to tell them how much I love them and in return they tell me that they also love me, or having my nieces tell me that I yes, I am the best auntie in the whole wide world (and those are there exact words)..

Or to have the kids that I used to nanny for phone me up to tell me that they miss me, or to tell me that they have lost some teeth.. When one of the kids I used to nanny for her name is Taiya phoned me up a while ago and she had said something and I was like oh wezzy (that's what we would call her when she was younger, but anyways she had said Liz you cant call me that anymore cause I am a big girl know. As soon as she said that I actually started tearing up, cause I thought to my self oh my gosh my little girl is growing up, and it had just seemed like we had just brought her home from the hospital a week And then a couple min later she said You know what Liz she said she wouldn't mind if I kept calling her wezzy, but I was the only one that was able to..

As you can see the kids in my life are what my life is about, and I am so excited to add to more angels to my life. I love them all so much, and I just can't wait to have kids of my own one day

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Amazing Paul Brandt

On August 19,2009 my friend Michelle phoned me and told me she got a couple free tickets that the new Cross Iron Mills Mall was giving away to the first two thousand people through the door.. He is truly the man of my dreams (for know) so I really could not control my excitement.. I phoned my sister Amanda and asked her if she wanted to go and she said she would love to..

So Michelle and I decided to be there at the mall and be in line for the concert for ten in the morning (the concert did not start till 6:30 pm) but the radio station said that people would be sleeping over night in line, and some other people would be going there for 5am.. So we get there and no one, not a single person was in line. The only people there were setting the stage up and security.

We could have gone shopping but then we decided not to. So we got a blanket from her car and sat there on the sidewalk in 30 degree weather with not even an inch of shade anywhere, but we didn't care if if meant that we would be able to catch a glimpse of Paul coming into the gates...
So 2pm comes and we were looking in every car that was coming into the gates to see if we could see him, and all of a sudden a blue massive "dodge" or "ford" truck comes in and guess who is in it PAUL BRANDT, that's when I started screaming I literally almost passed out from heat stroke and excitement.. I don't think I have ever been so excited in my life for anything...
So around 4:30pm people started coming and lining up, Amanda came for 5:00 around 6:30 the doors opened and the security obviously knew how long we had been there since and so they said know you two don't start running, do you think we listened, ha no as soon as they checked our ticket and ID we started running and there was no stopping us..
Before the concert started Amanda asked me if I was going to start crying when he came out and I was like uh I will probably tear up a little, but that was not so, as soon as he came out I started bawling, he started to sing and when he came to his second song he came over to me knelt down and looked into my eyes and I looked into his eyes and he sang part of his song to me and only me ( I was in the first line)
It was the most amazing time of my life, I will never forget it, I will treasure that day for the rest of my life....
P.S. There are more pic to come

My new beautiful nieces

Well as you all know just 4 months ago I only had 4 beautiful nieces, but 41/2 months ago my sister Naomi had yet another girl. Her name is Rylee she is so precious. Then my other sister Charity is having her fourth girl, as early as tomorrow. Then on October 20Th my sister Amanda is having her first child which happens to be a girl, I know Amanda is going to make a wonderful mother. I think it would be nice to have a boy in the family, but it sure is nice to be surrounded by beautiful little girls, and I am so excited to meet the new little ones that are coming very soon. They are not even born yet and there auntie already loves them so much....